Hi everyone, we are the Astro Buddies!

We are friendly creatures who live in your Solar System. We are here to help you on Earth!

This newly released easy listening audio storybook tells the wonderful adventure of the Astro Buddies.

Astro Buddies – Help Save The Earth, it’s easy and fun listening to the audio book. Well-known Australian child psychologist Dimitra Arthur will read and share the story with you, you can follow along with your own copy of the downloadable storybook.

Designed to be fun and easy, the Astro Buddies will help your family to make easy changes in day to day living! Listen to the Astro Buddies audio book today.

Astro buddies story

About the Astro Buddies Program!

This is an easy fun child psychology audio program and is suitable for all children aged between 5 years till 12 years of age.

Written and designed by Dimitra Arthur, a leading Australian child psychologist, Astro Buddies is easy way to help your child access real help at home.

It helps children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Joining Astro Buddies includes instant access  to a wonderful original audio story book that cleverly builds in a behavioural management program. With your one-time purchase ($9.90) you have unlimited access to extra online program resources and instructional videos. Once you have listened to the original audio book with your child, or they may of read it themselves, you can choose to either start the Astro Buddies program, or let your child simply watch the videos and make the toys. It’s up to you.

The audio story book is fun to read as many times as you want, and remember, the most important messages in the storybook will always be there helping your child build better behaviours at home and school!

In this website you will find:

Listen or read the original audio story book as many times as you want. It’s easy to join and easy to make change!

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~ “I have worked in primary schools and love the way this program inspires children.” Ebony, Australia
~ “Fun for everyone and helpful too.” Raelene, Australia
~ “We love the Astro Buddies.” Kellie, Australia
~ “Highly recommend it to everyone for their children.” Leonie and Steven, Australia
~ “This is such a fun and simple program for kids to do.” Venessa and James, Australia
~ “My son just loves the storybook, which really inspired him to change his behaviours and achieve his goals.” Jennifer, Australia
~ “The whole family can participate in doing this easy program!” Caitlyn and Adam, Australia
~ “The Astro Buddies program is so much fun to do with my children.” Amelia, New Zealand
~ “Good job Astro Buddies! What a great way to help save the Earth.” Kimberley, United Kingdom
~ “This is such an affordable and useful psychological program.” Olivia, Canada
~ “I never imagined that this simple program would be so helpful for our family. Thanks Astro Buddies!” Mary, USA
~ “My Daughter just loved doing the crafting activities.” Linda, USA
~ “Way to go Astro Buddies! You helped save the day for us.” Elizabeth, United Kingdom

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