The Astro Buddies Crafting Videos

A login is available with the purchase of the Astro Buddies Storybook and Program. Once purchased, you’ll be able to read the storybook, listen to the audiobook, and get access to the crafting videos and materials.


Before you start the Astro Buddies Program you must make your personal Astro Buddy toy figurine. Please watch these instructional videos to learn how to make your personalised Astro Buddy. You might make just 1 Astro Buddy or all 12 Astro Buddies! These crafting instructional videos are fun and easy to follow. You can make your Astro Buddy with your family, carers, friends, community group or school class. Just remember to have fun when you are making your Astro Buddy and give it all the love during the creative process. Your toy figurine does not have to be perfect, but just personalised with your special touch of magic and imagination.


Why do I have to make my Astro Buddy toy figurine instead of buying it?

Why do I have to make my Astro Buddy toy figurine instead of buying it?

  • It’s environmentally friendly to make your Astro Buddy yourself instead of it being massed produced in a factory that causes waste and pollution.
  • You can use any item you might already have at home to make your Astro Buddy instead of buying materials, which reduces the cost of owning an Astro Buddy.
  • You get to be creative and make your Astro Buddy in your own personalised style, which makes it unique.
  • You can share the experience of making your Astro Buddy with your family, carers, friends or class, which creates many happy memories.
  • Making your Astro Buddy enables you to use your fine motor skills, organisational skills, problems solving skills, communication skills and team working skills.
  • You can make as many Astro Buddies as you like at any time of the day.
  • You will get to bond with your Astro Buddy during the creative process and give it lots of love.
  • You will get to experience a sense of pride in making your own Astro Buddy toy figurine and being part of the magic of bringing an Astro Buddy to life!