Parent/Carer Information about the Astro Buddies Program

Welcome to the Astro Buddies Program for primary school aged children, that’s been developed by a psychologist to assist in modifying children’s behaviours in a fun way! The Astro Buddies Program is suitable for all children aged between 5 years till 12 years of age, and may also be used for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This website includes a wonderful storybook, behavioural management program, program resources and instructional videos.

The aim of the Astro Buddies Program is to help parents encourage positive behaviours in children by reading the storybook and then following the program with fun activities and setting monthly goals. The Astro Buddies Program is based on the underlying message of the Astro Buddies Storybook. The underlying message of the Astro Buddies Storybook for children is the importance of making changes by making good choices to achieve goals or better outcomes.

Please note, the storyline of the book is purely fantasy and demonstrates what life on Earth can be like when it is in “Dystopia” versus “Utopia”. These extreme examples of life on Earth in the Astro Buddies Storybook, can be alike to what families, friendship groups, schools or communities experience when there is disharmony in the dynamics between people due to challenging behaviours being displayed.

The Astro Buddy toy figurines are used to accompany the program and are self-made with instructional videos in this website. The Astro Buddy toy figurines can be used both at home, community settings and school to help motivate your child achieve their monthly goals. Each month a different character from the Astro Buddies Storybook can be used when following the behavioural management program.

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