Meet the Astro Buddies

and learn about their Solar System

Now let’s meet the 12 Astro Buddies from our Solar System! Each Astro Buddy is unique and has a special talent which can help save the Earth from extinction. Which Astro Buddy is your favourite one? Read their descriptions below and decide your favourite. Which Astros Buddy helped the Earth best? Read the storybook and decide which one of the Astro Buddies helped the Earth the best way. You might have just one favourite Astro Buddy or many favourite Astro Buddies. Just remember that these Astro Buddies are here to help you feel motivated to change and do things better. The Astro Buddies are always watching and are listening to you from their part of the Solar System and they are here to help you anytime you need the motivation to change and get better outcomes.

It’s so amazing to know that the Earth is not alone and is part of a Solar System, just like you are part of your community. The Earth and the Solar System are all connected together. The Earth cannot survive outside the Solar System, just like you cannot achieve your best without your family, school and community support. It’s important for the Earth to be healthy so that the Solar System is also working well. The same rule also applies to you and those around you. If you are not doing well, then those around you will also feel the same. So, lets meet these friendly Astro Buddies and learn about our Solar System.

Astro Buddies