The Astro Buddies Storybook

A login is available with the purchase of the Astro Buddies Storybook and Program. Once purchased, you’ll be able to read the storybook, listen to the audiobook, and get access to the program videos and materials.

Astro buddies story

The Astro Buddies Storybook is a beautifully written and illustrated 45 pages book that takes you into the future to see how the Astro Buddies help save the Earth from extinction. The Astro Buddies Storybook portrays a moral lesson to children about understanding the importance of making changes so that they can make better choices and then have better outcomes. This storybook then sets the foundations for engagement in the Astro Buddies Program to achieve behavioural management goals.

Why is the Astros Buddies Storybook only available online and not print?

  • It’s environmentally friendly to read the book online instead of it being massed produced in a factory that causes waste and pollution.
  • You can listen to the audio version while looking at the storybook, which is also available in this website when you purchase the book.
  • Children with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder usually prefer reading information on a screen rather than paper, as it maintains their interest in the storybook.
  • Many children simultaneously can enjoy reading the book from a large computer screen, tablet, white board or television screen instead of fighting over one book.
  • The online storybook will never get damaged or lost like paper books do over time.
  • You can read the storybook anytime and anywhere when it’s available online.